Soul Care Services can offer any of our services or programs to you on an outsourcing basis.

Why outsource?

  • If you experience staff or service reductions in low revenue/under performing areas
  • If you have areas that are more beneficial for others to manage
  • If you experience readmissions that cost your institution revenue or even penalties
  • If you need additional resources for your homebound rehab patients
  • If there are specific areas where your homebound patients could use extra attention in order to prevent complications
  • If you are seeking to reduce work absenteeism, increase employee performance and satisfaction or decrease direct healthcare costs

THEN Soul Care Services can be a viable resource for made-to-order outsourcing.

Soul Care is proud to have a diverse team of qualified and experienced health care providers that can serve a variety of settings. Let us help you maintain high levels of service during times of expansion, turnover or unexpectedly busy periods.

  • We can help your case management staff with complex cases that may be overloading your existing resources
  • We can supplement your offerings or private label our services to provide seamless customer service, superb medical and non-medical care and monitoring, or sustainable behavior change coaching and health education.
  • We will work with you to accomplish your vision of creating a healthy community, whether it be the patients you serve or the employees you maintain

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